Tuesday, August 5, 2008


All summer I've been meaning to wash my linen bathroom curtains and the 100% cotton decorative shower curtain.  Today was the day.  After machine washing them in warm water, I hung them out on the line to dry. I never expected my shower curtain to shrink almost a foot! It looks absolutely ridiculous! This was not a cheap curtain -- I got it from Kohl's. I wonder if I was to blame by washing it in warm water? Anyhow, I'll be making a trip to Kohl's again soon to rectify this situation! Anyone want a tad short shower curtain?



ROXY said...

Oh know! That's stinks!! You should save the fabric and we can make window curtains out of it:)

ROXY said...

How high is the curtain rod? Can it be moved down at all?

lady blogger said...

I thought of that but Pete bolted it to the wall. Next time I'm at Kohl's I'm going to look for a new one. :(