Thursday, January 1, 2009

Update: The Shower Curtain

Waaaayyy back in August, I messed my cotton/linen shower curtain up by washing it (see my blog about it HERE). For Christmas, I asked Momma Claus for a new shower curtain and, here it is! My brother so kindly bought us a new rug to go in the bathroom as well. Much, much better!
P.S. The beautiful washcloth on the counter (which matches perfectly with my new decor) was handmade by my dear friend Roxy. You can see all of her items for sale at her etsy site:

Office Redo

It was time!

One of the things I wanted the most for Christmas was to rip up the carpeting in our office. It was a light color and getting grey and stained in some areas. Since our house is hardwood throughout, I knew that there was a beautiful floor hiding underneath that nasty peach carpet. The fact that my brother was coming out to visit for a few days, clinched the deal; Pete and I decided to take advantage of his strength and willingness to help. The job only took one day!