Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Goings Ons

I wish I had more time for you 'o blog of mine! When I come home, I don't want to do anything except freshen up, change into something comfy, eat supper, and either read or crochet (and listen to my podcasts). Once and a while I peruse Facebook but it can trap me quickly (and for a long time) so I'm trying not to go there during the workweek.

I WANT to write more. I NEED to write more. My outlet is wrapping myself up into my crocheting or the book I'm reading. I want to go somewhere else, not relive the day I just had. Once summer comes, I'll have more to write about in here (I already do now, un-school-related but it takes energy) and I'll write once again with whatever passion I have for writing.......

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Harambe" Baby Blanket

As winter is full-force upon us, I have been, of course, thinking of warmer days. This May will be my school's second annual Harambe (coming together). It is a mix of a school concert, showcase of talents, etc. that is held in a local park. 

It was in the spirit of the 2009 Harambe that I designed my own baby blanket pattern (albeit a very simple one) in Paton's Melody. This blanket will be worth about $200 and I hope for it to generate a lot of cash in the Harambe raffle. This money will be put back into the Harambe.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Latest Crochet Items

I feel awful about hardly posting at all in the month of January! I have been busy, truly, I have been!

My projects started with the white sweater (third picture down), then the pink variegated sweater (bottom picture); both for myself. I then worked on a "Warm Winter Wrap" for a teacher at school who has cancer and very susceptible to the cold during her chemo treatments. I am quite proud of myself on that one: I finished it in less than a week!

I don't want to rant and rave about how things are going at school, so I won't. All I'll say is this: It's been very stressful and tiring. There, that's it. No more crying on my part!